A Wonderful World Awaits

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to travel, but we haven’t forgotten that the world is a gorgeous place. In case you need help dreaming of your next vacation, here are some destinations full of wonder and excitement that are definitely worth the wait.

Experience Nature in Antigua

Devil's Bridge in Antigua
Devil’s Bridge in Antigua (Image courtesy of: Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority)

As if a beach for every day of the year wasn’t enough, Antigua has lots more in store for lovers of the great outdoors. Shirley Heights Lookout may be the island’s most-known attraction, but its other 50+ scenic trails are just as breathtaking. And walking through Devil’s Bridge is an experience like no other, just do so at your own risk!  

Tropical Paradise in the Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach
Seven Mile Beach

The Cayman Islands are as close to perfect as anything gets. You can lay in the sun at the gorgeous Seven Mile Beach, have close encounters with nature at a stingray farm or discover something new for yourself in a what is known as the world’s friendliest country. No matter how you choose to enjoy the island, you’ll soon discover that sea is life in the Caymans.  

Mexico is a World of Its Own

Ik Kil Cenote in Chichen Itza

For beginner travelers, Mexico is often the first stop on the list. But even a seasoned vacationer can enjoy sides of this country that most people have never seen before. In Mazatlan, you can lure in swordfish or go whale watching. Puerto Vallarta is a short distance from the hidden beach at the Marieta Islands. Sayulita is full of charm and great surf. And even hot spots like Cancun and the Riviera Maya have unexplored treasures for you to discover. 

Lay Back in Jamaica

YS Falls, Jamaica
YS Falls

Everything is irie in Bob Marley’s homeland. One of the best ways to spend a care-free day in the Caribbean’s most laid-back island is by taking a dip at a waterfall. From YS Falls to Dunn’s River Falls, there are a variety of options to choose from, all with distinctive characteristics. What you’ll for sure need is a pair of water shoes.

Make New Animal Friends

Monkeyland, Punta Cana
Monkeyland in Punta Cana

The Cayman Islands aren’t the only place where you can get close and personal with wildlife. Punta Cana is home to squirrel monkeys, one of the friendliest primates in the world (they tend to mutually avoid each other). Spider monkeys in Mexico can move effortlessly from tree to tree, which is why they’re called the trapeze artists of the jungle. And if you’re lucky, you might come across one-of-a-kind species like the Bermuda Buckeye Butterfly, exclusive to Bermuda, or the Bahama Parrot, which is one of the only species of parrots to build nests underground.

There is much more out there waiting to be explored. Keep dreaming of your next vacation and we’ll help you get there when we’re ready to travel again.

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