Travel Tips: TSA Regulations

Let’s face it: one of the less pleasant aspects of going on vacation is going through the security line at the airport. While it’s a necessary part of the travel day, it can be a little stressful – which is the last thing you want when you’re going on vacation!

This quick travel tip is easy to remember and will help you breeze through the security line in no time, and with no stress.

So next time you’re going on vacation, just remember this easy travel tip about the TSA Regulations, and you’ll be boarding your plane to paradise in no time!

-Funjet Insider Laura

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  1. Diana Carver

    when travleing to Cancun my mother takes 18 different medications,what is the best way to pack them,
    1) take all the individual bottles or can she put them in a med box
    2) do we take as a carry on or pack them in the luggage

  2. Charles Witte

    I plan on purchasing some liquor at the duty free store in the Cancun airport. I fly into Huston and then on to Denver. I will be using carry on luggage. Will I be able to get my liquor on the trip to Denver?

    • Michael Painter

      You will have to transfer the liquor from your carryon to your checked luggage after you clear customs in Houston and prior to rechecking your bags to continue on to Denver

  3. On the carry-on can I have shoe’s hat,make up

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