Travel Protection: Do You Really Need It?

It’s a question that all travelers face eventually: should I spring for the travel protection, or take my chances?

It’s tempting to skip the travel protection, especially if you don’t plan on changing your reservation or canceling your trip. But this is life, and sometimes things happen that we don’t expect. And if that does impact your vacation plans, then you’ll find that travel protection can be worth its (figurative) weight in gold.

First off, if you’re planning a vacation to Mexico or the Caribbean during hurricane season (June-November), then travel protection is a no-brainer. While the odds that a hurricane will hit when you’re on vacation are small, it has been known to happen. With All-In-One Travel Protection, you’re covered in case you do miss nights of vacation or get stuck in a destination due to bad weather.

Even if you’re not traveling during hurricane season, it’s a good idea to cover your vacation investment with travel protection. You never know when an illness or family emergency could coincide with pre-booked travel plans. Make sure you choose a plan that allows you to cancel for any reason and receive a full refund minus the cost of the travel protection. Funjet’s All-In-One Travel Protection includes this cancelation policy and even covers non-refundable airfares.

Your travel protection should also allow you to make changes to your reservation without incurring revision fees. As an added bonus, All-In-On Travel Protection also includes a low deposit policy, so you can put some money down now and pay the difference later. You can also count on baggage protection and medical coverage while you’re away from home.

Armed with all this knowledge, go forth and book your vacation without worry.

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