The Los Cabos marina at sunset.

Three Fresh Takes on The Baja Way

At the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, the sister cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo have long been loved for their unmistakable rock formations, non-stop energy and luxury resorts. But Los Cabos is so much more than El Arco and Cabo Wabo. To prove it, they’ve assembled ten exciting, new experiences for you to add to your bucket list. Here’s a look at three of our favorite fresh takes on The Baja Way. Don’t worry, whale-watching still made the list—it’s just a bit more musical this time around.

Step back in time.

La Ramona smokestack designed by Frenchman Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.

You can’t take your eyes off them. They’re magnetic. They rise through the desert haze and catch the setting sun. The towering mountains of the Sierra de la Laguna beg to be explored. So do just that with a tour of the old mining town of El Triunfo. First, you’ll make a mid-morning pit stop in Todos Santos for a fresh cup of coffee and pastry at Taller 17. From there, you’ll wind your way through a rising desert landscape where miners once flocked in search of silver and gold. In El Triunfo, you’ll learn about the historic mining culture, and then sample another golden treasure: corn. Mexico is home to 59 native varieties, and you can roll out and fire some of your very own corn tortillas. In town, wander amid the pastel buildings and check out historic mining sites like the 150-foot tall La Ramona, a smokestack designed by Frenchman Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (yes, that Eiffel).

A farm-to-table oasis.

A group of adults are gathered at a table outside beneath dangling lights.

The desert landscape might seem inhospitable to anything but cacti, but the orchards and gardens at Tiky Cabo prove that a little modern irrigation (and ingenuity) can produce an oasis of flavor in the desert. During this tour, you’ll experience a true farm-to-table feast at this verdant paradise just outside of Miraflores. Not only will you be able to meander through the colorful, fragrant rows of chilies, tomatoes, eggplants, pumpkins, flowers and parsnips, you’ll get to roll up your sleeves and harvest the food you’re going to feast on. Right after you sample some local Baja wines, of course.

Symphony at sea.

A humpback whale rises from the ocean with the sunset on the horizon.

This isn’t your average concert. Then again, these aren’t your average musicians. You just haven’t been able to grab a front-row seat, until now. “The Amazing Tenors” tour takes you to sea to listen to the mesmerizing melodies of migrating humpback whales. Before the tour starts, you’ll be gifted a set of essential oils, including an all-natural concoction of mint, lemon, ginger and macadamia that helps prevent dizziness at sea. At the Cabo San Lucas Marina, you’ll hop aboard a 64-foot yacht that will whisk you into the sunset. After being dazzled by the extraordinary range of colors that erupts as the sun goes down, the captain will signal silence and lower a hydrophone into the sea. Then, the magic. Whale songs will rise into the cool evening air, and you’ll enjoy a raw, unedited performance of nature’s sonic beauty. Afterward, let the notes sink in as you savor a six-course meal featuring local ingredients (like Yahualica chiles and Soconusco mangoes) at Tenangos, one of Cabo’s top-ten restaurants.

Curious to see what other epic experiences are waiting for you in Los Cabos? Check them out, or start planning your Los Cabos getaway today.

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