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The Island of Palm Trees, Presídente & Punta Cana

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As you read this, picture stunning white sugar-sand beaches, turquoise placid waters and cloudless skies. The views that surround you will vary, but palm trees of all shapes and sizes surely surround you. Colorful birds chirp in the distance and you can hear the ocean waves washing upon the shore.

You can picture why the beauty of Dominican Republic has attracted many admirers, celebrities and historical figures alike. This breathtaking island has adventure to offer a lot deeper than the pristine surface. Check out an Insider’s point-of-view of this culturally-diverse, historically-rich island, Hispaniola.


The Island life of the Dominican Republic is idyllic. Fresh fruit stands line pedestrian streets, friendly locals are happy to give you a ride, by van (known as a guagua) that serves as one of the mini-bus systems. You can catch a ride by motoconcho (motorbike) but the helmet and light laws are pretty loose there, so you might want to stick with one of our trusted transport services if you have to go far.

The new highway allows you to get around the island quite quickly, so you can take in the public beaches outside your resort, mountains, diverse flora and fauna, and expeditions that will take you into the jungle to zip-line, hike, or hunt for waterfalls.

Enjoy the Beat, the Heat and Something Sweet (with an Umbrella in it)

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The culture in Dominican Republic is a unique blend of European, African, and Taino people. The native Taino people’s culture is celebrated everywhere, as the blend of Euro-Afro-Caribbean vibe is hard to resist. This unique, light-hearted mix of culture translates through the music, dancehall-style club life will take you back in time a bit where you are sure to sharpen your dance moves, drinks flow freely at the street-side bottle clubs and life moves at an island pace that is sure to keep you fancy-free.

A little more about dancing in the DR; the moves on the island include Merengue, and more recently, Bachata. Merengue is easy to learn, one of the most versatile dance moves in the history of hip-shaking. As a traditional style that’s easy to follow, it’s continued to evolve into something increasingly influenced by hip hop and R&B styles.

Bachata is another dance that has its roots in more rural areas. It’s recently become more upbeat, but the dance stays true to its slow, romantic roots by encouraging dancing close to a partner with quick foot and hip movements.

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If you’re looking for a bit of courage to try these dance moves yourself, the locals always recommend a shot or two of mamajuana. It’s the country’s unofficial national drink. Made of rum, local honey, and red wine, soaked in a bottle with tree bark and herbs, the taste is similar to port wine. And while it does have some medicinal purposes, all you need to know is that it’s absolutely delicious. You will probably be offered some before you even have to ask.

Punta Cana Adventures and Treating Your Self: Let’s Talk

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Saltwater lakes, plains, mountains, beaches, dunes and cenotes, the Dominican Republic offers an ever-changing landscape of unending awe. If you’re looking to go beyond the beaches, the best way to see even more is by taking a dune buggy through the rolling countryside. We can help you there.

A Spa Day is ALWAYS Welcome | This Spa is an Ocean Day Trip Afloat in Paradise

Barcelo spa

A spa day on a catamaran in the turquoise ocean. Your ocean spa experience includes and tension-melting massage, a Dr. Fish spa® pedicure, a detoxification process that will allow you to analyze your body, and a spa lunch onboard with floating restaurant service in the middle of the ocean. There is nothing typical about this spa experience.

If you want to explore as much of the island as you can, there are viewing safaris designed just for you. These excursions can include horseback riding, boogie boarding, exploring traditional Dominican homes, discovering sugar cane and tobacco farms and enjoying river cruises with lobster lunch, if that appeals to you. Dominican guides can help you experience all the depth of the island and take your experience to the next level.

When you take a closer look, the Dominican Republic isn’t just a pretty face. It’s got a lot of personality that makes it totally worth getting to know.

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