Your Puerto Rico Adventure Guide

It’s time to plan for simple pleasures and dramatic sunsets. Puerto Rico is a mix of the past and present—and only the best of both. Vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and unexpected adventures are just a few things you’ll find in this Caribbean paradise. Along your journey, you’ll also enjoy historical landmarks, mouth-watering local flavors, and natural wonders that will simply take your breath away. Not sure what to see first when you visit Puerto Rico? Let us guide the way! 

Let There be Light 

Have you ever seen a bioluminescent bay? If not, it’s your lucky day! Puerto Rico has three bioluminescent bays (there are only five in the whole world), and they’re an absolute treat for the eyes. Tiny microorganisms in the water react when gently disturbed, which gives off a spectacular blue-green glow. The best time to see this amazing natural wonder is at night, via kayak. Plan in advance by looking at a moon calendar – that way you know which nights will be too bright for proper viewing.  

Explore the Great Outdoors 

There are so many amazing things to see and do in Puerto Rico, hitting the beach is just one of them. When you need a break from all that sand, you’ll enjoy ziplining through the treetops, horseback riding through the countryside, hiking through El Yunque National Forest, and exploring underground caves. The options are limitless, so find what you love and pack your vacation full of outdoor fun. 

Go on a Cultural Adventure 

If your favorite part of vacation is taking in the sights, sounds, and history of a destination, then Puerto Rico doesn’t disappoint. Channel your inner cultural enthusiast and go on an adventure filled with traditional music and dancing, handcrafted items from local artisans, amazing eats, museums, and more. You can also enjoy historical landmarks like Castillo San Felipe del Morro in Old San Juan and Parque Ceremonial Indigena de Caguana in Utuado, which will give you an in-depth glimpse into Puerto Rico’s fascinating history.  

Now that you have some ideas, it’s time to start planning your to-do list! Which amazing adventure will you go on first when visiting Puerto Rico

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