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One Panama vacation. Two very different adventures.

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Sometimes, there’s nothing better than laying on the beach all day. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than discovering tiny cafes and oh-so-chic boutiques in a new city. Sometimes you just need ‘em both. RIU Panama’s Beach & City Combination Vacation gives you exactly that. Take a couple days to explore the buzzing metropolis of Panama City while staying at Riu Panama Plaza, and then spend five days moving at the speed-of-leisure on the beach at Riu Playa Blanca. We love a good compromise.

Country of contrast.

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You’re a multifaceted thrill seeker. Panama is your adventurous cup of tea. It’s hard to find a more magnificent place in Central America where the raw beauty of nature collides so dramatically with a glistening metropolis. Or where you can explore the ruins of a Spanish fort in the morning, and then take a dive with whale sharks in the afternoon. Hike through the rain forest one day, and then salsa your way through Casco the next.

Where the Wild things are.

Do the words Soberania, Darien, and Chagres spark images of natural wonder in your mind? Probably not. Yet. They’re just a few of Panama’s national parks. And Panama is packed with enough of them to keep even your most ardent nature-loving-self busy. Enjoy a bird’s eye view on an aerial tram, or brave the jungle on a nighttime safari (you got this). Be sure to say hi to the monkeys and sloths along the way. Oh, and the agouti. If you don’t know, you need to.

Insider tip: Shake your tail feather. There are 400 species of tropical birds that make the Panamanian parks their home. Birdwatchers, don’t skip Coiba Island. The Scarlet Macaw is everywhere.


Enjoy the show.

Lunch and a show has never been so big (or so engineered). Chow down on local cuisine while nearly 1000-ft. cargo ships make their way through the locks of the Panama Canal. Kick your feet up and enjoy the show. Your 6th grade history teacher would be so proud. Later, get your shopping fix at the Reprosa jewelry store where jewelers make traditional Panamanian jewelry, and you can even get in on the glitzy action by creating some jewelry of your own.

Insider tip: Shopaholics rejoice. The Multiplaza mall in Panama City is home to some of the best brand-name shopping in Panama. Shop ‘til you drop and then recharge in the movie theater where your waiter can bring you whatever you’re craving. Sushi and a margarita never sounded so right.


Seaside charm.

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Coastal Casco Viejo turns the charm up to eleven. The beautiful, weathered buildings transport you to a bygone era and gives you a taste of Panamanian culture past and present. From ceviche to sancocho, you’ll find delicious, traditional cuisine in the quaint cafes and indulgent restaurants lining the colonial streets. For even more restaurants, bars, and shops, make your way to the restored town center.

Ready to plan an adventure unlike any other? Plan on Panama.
One Panama vacation. Two very different adventures. Ready to plan an adventure unlike any other? 2 nights in the city, 5 on the beach with RIU Resorts.

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