Monkeyland | Punta Cana’s Monkey Sanctuary

Playing with Monkeys

The Dominican Republic has amazing white sand beaches and exquisite relaxation. That’s a given. But what you may not know about is an experience that stands apart. And sometimes on your shoulders. It’s called Monkeyland in Punta Cana.

The adventure begins with a safari that showcases the rural culture of the island by spending time with a local Dominican family. You’ll learn about the way they work with coconuts, cocoa and fresh fruits. Then, you’ll head to the nearby Monkeyland. This beautiful five-acre botanical garden is surrounded by the native plants and flowers of Dominican Republic. Here, you’ll interact with friendly and inquisitive squirrel monkeys. These amazing and charming creatures love to play with humans and pose for selfies. So if you find yourself looking for a new profile picture, this is just the place to take one.

Don’t forget to visit these charming monkeys on your next trip to Punta Cana!

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