Local + Craft Beer in Mexico & The Caribbean

Drink Beer, Be Happy: The craft beer you need to drink in Mexico and the Caribbean.

pacifico clara

Pacifíco Clara 

Born in Mazatlán in 1900 – Pacifíco Clara began when three brewers established Cervecería Del Pacifíco in the small Mexican port town of Mazatlán. Good news travels fast, and soon word spread about the exceptionally drinkable pilsner-style lager. 70 years later, a group of California surfers were traveling the Baja coastline when they found this beer off the beaten path and became the first US importers of the golden brew, instantly making the beer a cult classic in surfer culture.

Pacifíco tastes like West Coast Mexico.

dominican republic beer

Presidente Cerveza Pilsener

Presidente is the perfectly refreshing pilsner found in Punta Cana (the Dominican Republic). Founded in 1935, this easy-drinking iconic DR beer weighs in at 5% ABV, the perfect volume for a refreshing beach brew. If you are brave enough to try the mamajuana that will no doubt be offered to you by a friendly local, make sure you have a Presidente in hand to wash it down with.

If you haven’t tried this light, sunny sipper yet, you really need a vacation.

Red Stripe beer

Red Stripe

Ah, youth captured in a bottle. Red Stripe captures the flavor of the island in a bottle. Red Stripe is perfect for the dance floor, don’t be stiff with a glass, drink it straight from its signature no-neck bottle.

Wa gwaan? Red Stripe became the standard bearer for Jamaican beer way back in 1928. Truly “a spirit that finds joy in every moment”, this amber lager is full-bodied and smooth. The experimental quaff-er will have to travel to Jamaica to try Red Stripe’s newest concoctions; Lemon Paradise, a fun, Jamaican-style shandy, and Sorrel Lager, a play on the traditional Jamaican Christmas-time treat that packs a punch with hibiscus and hot-ginger flavor.

Red Stripe is Jamaica in a bottle.

Modelo beer

Casa Modelo

Casa Modelo has been “brewing beer for those who fight for better” since 1925. The heart of Casa Modelo is their rich Mexican culture; something to be fiercely proud of, and celebrate every day. The cornerstone of Casa Modelo is brewing delicious beer for hard-working people of Mexico and continues to do so. Modelo holds true to their roots and brewing beer for those who believe in better.

Modelo Negra, Especial, and their new line of cooling Michelada beverages are perfect tipples for poolside pleasure. Like things spicy? Try the new Tamarindo Picante, brewed with tomato, lime, salt, chipotle pepper and a hint of tamarind.

Especial is a personal favorite among many. Light, crisp, clean. A tallboy can fits perfectly in your hand as you wade from swim-up bar to cabana lounger.

(Insider tip: add a shot of spicy tequila to the can once there is room for an extra kick. Hey- you’re on vacation!)

We Love Mexico – Let’s Go to Cabo

Baja Brewery

Baja Brewing Company – Cabo San Lucas

The first brewery in the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico, opened in 2007 in Cabo San Lucas. The brewers’ mission was a simple one, but it takes a lot to build something from the ground up. They wanted to create great craft beers for locals and visitors.

Late 2007 – “After endless research and countless pints”- The donkey became the face of the brand.

(Insider Fun Fact: Did you now that “burrito” is Spanish for “little donkey”?)

The brewery is now celebrating a decade of production and is making delicious beer with fun names. The Blonde Ale, an easy drinker at 5.5% ABV is named, ‘Cabotella’. The German-style Swartzbier has been dubbed ‘Escorpio Negro’. You must try the medium-bodied amber ale, ‘Pelirroja’, it really rolls off the tongue.

The original brewpub has a brand-new beer garden and store, so you can be sure to take some back to your resort with you.

Oh Yes – West Coast Mexico has even more craft beer!

cerveza Palmar Trapiche

Palmar Trapiche Brewery in Sayulita – Nayarit

Enjoy artisanal beer in the Mexican microbrewery’s open-air tropical garden atmosphere. Sick of standing up while you sip your libation? Take a load off in a nearby hammock, or sprawl out in a grassy area. They offer fine Mexican craft beer, and if you feel peckish, order the pairing menu prepared by celebrity chef Nico Mejia.

Palmar Trapiche proudly offers ten of their own Mexican craft beers on tap, as well as features several other beers on tap from other local breweries. It’s also a family-friendly environment, located on the north side of Sayulita under a palm grove, across from the baseball field.

You have to experience this place for yourself. How do you get there? With us.

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