Maui, Hawaii | The Road to Hana

You’ve probably been on a road trip before. But trust us, you haven’t been on a road trip like this. It’s called the Road to Hana, or the Hana Highway. It’s on the Island of Maui, and it’s on a lot of peoples bucket lists. Why?

Well, this 52 mile long road can be driven on your own or by tour van. And if you think that sounds pretty quick and easy, did we mention there are more than 600 curves and the maximum speed limit is only 25 miles per hour? Yep. That means to actually drive the road takes about two and a half hours. And that’s assuming traffic is on your side. What really makes the trip special are the numerous stops along the way. So, if we’ve peaked your adventurous spirit a bit, here are some amazing hot spots to slap on your itinerary.

Twin Falls – Road to Hana Mile Mark #2

Twin Falls

This gorgeous waterfall is just the first of many along the Road to Hana. But unlike any other waterfalls on this highway, Twin Falls is actually swimmable. Don’t forget to grab a refreshing smoothie from the farm stand on the way out.

Ho’okipa Lookout – Road to Hana Mile Mark #9

Hookipa Lookout

Are you any good at surfing? Well, it doesn’t really matter. Because the locals are. And this next spot is just the place to kick back and watch pro surfers in the Pacific Ocean.

Waikamoi Ridge Trail – Road to Hana Mile Mark #9.5

Come on, everyone likes picnics and hiking, right? And at Waikamoi Ridge Trail that’s exactly what you’ll find. So if you started your trip early in the morning, this is the perfect place to stop for lunch and take a bit of a hike. Whether you’re looking to go on a 10 minute stroll, or a half hour walk, this trail is a must.

Garden of Eden – Road to Hana Mile Mark #10

Hawaiian Path

The name pretty much says it all. With an endless variety of plants to explore, and unrivaled scenery found anywhere else, the ocean views, Puohokamoa Falls, bamboo trees, and 100-year-old mango trees make a glance at this natural area well worth the entry fee.

Ke’anae Arboretum – Road to Hana Mile Mark #16

Hawaiian Jungle

There are two things this stop is well known for: History and unforgettable views. So if either one of those things grabs your sense of wonder, then be sure to stop by the arboretum. There are no swimming options here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dive deep into the local history and discover what the Hawaiian ancestors used to grow.

Pua’a Kaa State Wayside Park – Road to Hana Mile Mark #22

This state park is home to another gorgeous waterfall and natural pool. And while these amazing natural wonders may seem to be everywhere, the best part is that each one is uniquely different and worth a special look.

Hana Lava Tube – Road to Hana Mile Mark #31

Here’s an insider tip for those looking to go a little bit off the beaten path. If you make a left hand turn on ‘Ula’ino Road near mile mark 31, you’ll soon find a large lava tube. And trust us, once you’ve discovered this natural phenomenon, you’ll also want to take a stroll through the winding maze garden nearby.

Kahanu Garden – also Road to Hana Mile Mark #31

Near the Hana Lava Tube is the National Tropical Botanical Garden. What makes this spot so special is that it’s home to the largest Hawaiian temple called, Pi’ilanihale Heiau. Obviously, this is a must see.

Wai’anapanapa State Park – Road to Hana Mile Mark #32


In case you didn’t know, the Road to Hana wouldn’t be complete without a pristine black sand beach. And that’s what Pa’iloa Beach is for. Then, if you continue following a looping trail it’ll bring you to fresh water caves that’ll surround you in the history of Hawaiian legends. And we do mean surround.

Finally, you’ll eventually find yourself at the town of Hana. It might take you a few hours to get there, or even all day, but either way this quaint little town is seemingly untouched by time and is well worth the trip. Then, you can either turn around or stay the night. Just make sure you check out all your favorite spots again on the way back. After all, this road’s on a lot of bucket lists for a reason.

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