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Get to know #LosCabosToday

You’ve heard of the golf. You know about the nightlife. But what do you know about the craft beer scene and the best spots to catch a wave? Read on for a what to expect in #LosCabosToday.

Catch a wave.

Man surfing near Los Cabos arch.

Grab your wax and get ready for some surfing. Cabo San Lucas is home-base to some deliciously consistent, warm-water waves for beginners and experts alike. Never surfed but can’t wait to give it a go? Costa Azul Surf School in San Jose del Cabo or the Mike Doyle Surf School will have you set up in no time. And after you’ve caught your first or five-hundredth wave, there’s not a more refreshing way to toast a solid session than with a local brew. (More on the cerveza in a sec.)

Whale watching. Amped up.

Tourists watch a whale from boats while on a tour in Los Cabos.

From December to May, you can enjoy the incredible acrobatics of the whales that migrate through the warm waters off the Pacific Coast of Los Cabos. Hop aboard a whale-watching cruise or, if you’re curious to hear what their singing voices sound like, check out a whale concert. “A whale what?” Yep, on these expeditions, a microphone is lowered into the water so you have first-row seats to the serenade.

From the beach to the blue sea.

Marine aerial view

We’re big fans of Los Cabos Tourism Board’s acronym, BEACH: Best Escape Anyone Can Have. A few of our favorite ways to let loose right off the beach? Stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, and even some deep-sea fishing. Cabo is the marlin capital of the world. And yes, you better believe you can charter a boat to hook the catch of a lifetime.

The freshest eats.

Dining in Los Cabos

The seafood in Los Cabos is known for being three things. Fresh, fresh and fresh. And delicious. Ok. That’s four. The fish tacos are unreal, and be on the lookout for the delish local delicacy: chocolate clams. All best savored with a view of El Arco. And maybe a glass of wine. If you’re in the mood to find your new favorite vintage, check out Los Cabos Winery.

Cheers to craft beer.

Glass of beer in Los Cabos, Mexico

Calling all hop heads. Los Cabos is where you need to be. First stop, Baja Brewing Company. Check out the brewpub in San Jose and order an Escorpión Negro. The black beer with no bitterness is brewed in the Schwarzbier style. Next, search out and sample an Indio. This rarer beer is found in most Los Cabos bars and has been an easy-drinking mainstay in Mexico for over a hundred years. Finally, saunter over to Cervecería Rámuri and sip some of their wild suds. You know, like Peanut Butter Stout. Want the scoop on even more Mexican brews and breweries? Peep our article on Mexican craft beer.

When you’re ready for an adventure you didn’t see coming, you’re ready for #LosCabosToday. Get going.

Do you know what's happening in #LosCabosToday? Everything. Grab some friends and a bottle of wine and listen to the whales sing from aboard a ship in the Pacific. Adventure awaits.

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