How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Forever

By establishing a daily practice of gratitude, joy, conservation, and self-improvement, taking a well-deserved vacation becomes less about a break from daily life, and more about experiencing something new. Here we have a list of popular New Year’s Resolutions that can become reality this year if you are willing to take charge, step outside your comfort zone, and start a new path.

1. Lose Weight

New years resolutions

Your weight is not a beneficial way to evaluate yourself. Numbers on a scale have nothing to do with beauty, ability, or health. Instead, resolve to move more! Walk more, dance more, stretch out or practice yoga every day. Your body is an incredible self-healing miracle, capable of death-defying feats of strength. Use it and appreciate it every day. Better yet, use it outside! Yoga on the beach, a walk in the park, or a swim in the sea allows you to take advantage of the world’s largest free gym; Mother Nature.

2. Eat Healthy

New years resolutions

We’ve told ourselves this so many times and heard it from others so much, but eating healthy may be easier than we believe. Many of us are lucky to have an abundance of choice as to what we eat. This makes eating well easy to do—select quality whole foods, and don’t mess with them too much. However, if you’re looking for a new way to approach this goal, an alternative resolution may be to no longer waste food. Try to eat the freshest food possible, and only buy what you need. Eat your veggies, but know your reality, and use the money you saved to treat yourself to an all-inclusive resort where you can try colorful new foods thanks to their never-ending smorgasboard of culinary delights.

3. Don’t allow others to break your routine.

New years resolutions

Every parent has at least one eyebrow raised right now, if not a fist. If you have children, try to incorporate them into your healthy routine. Invite them to stretch with you, take them for walks and hikes, and make sure you eat when you are hungry, not just when they are. Instead of allowing others to persuade you to do something you don’t want to do, try changing the direction of the tide and inviting them along on your journey instead.

Opt for a walk instead of drinks to catch up, invite people in for a home-cooked meal instead of going out, or at the very least, head outside whenever possible. If you have someone really special in mind—invite them on a wellness retreat with you (that’s our code-word for all-inclusive getaway to eat, drink, be merry and mindful) or enjoy some alone time. As you plan a fabulous sunny getaway, it’s easy to stay healthy on your journey with sunshine, long walks on the beach, adventure excursions, and all-inclusive dining with fresh fish, steak, salads, and fruits.

4. Save Money.

New years resolutions

This one is easy for some, a lot harder for others. The best advice is to prioritize, and hold yourself to your own standards. Consider discipline—the principle that we can indeed, go without. Without the brand name, if the product is responsibly sourced. Without the extra, if you already have enough. Then when it comes time to live it up, the experience is guilt-free. Many people’s resolution is to go somewhere new. We can help you do that without breaking the bank. Sometimes saving money is about making sure you get the most out of your dollar. Allow Funjet Vacations to help you plan your vacation and have your back through the entire trip as part of our ‘End-to-End’ experience. We will make sure you find the perfect destination, the ideal resort, and the most desirable experience for you. That’s spending and saving money the right way.

5. Re-vamp or Learn New Skills

New years resolutions

Do you want to practice your Spanish or start learning? Have you always wanted to be a DJ? Are you looking for a tranquil space to paint or write? If we are constantly growing and improving ourselves, we aren’t dormant and inactive. Give yourself the opportunity to learn something new and explore your talents. Who knows, you just might discover the fountain of youth.

Reach out to our team of travel and wellness professionals to make sure this is your year.

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