horseback ride Jamaica

Jamaica: The place to be.

We get it. When you’re on vacay, some days are for venturing out, getting your hands dirty and exploring paradise. Other days, you just want to soak up sunshine at the resort (and we definitely don’t blame you). For unique experiences on and off the resort, Jamaica is just the place.

Your resort is ready for you.

Excellence Oyster Bay Jamaica

First things first. You gotta set up home base, and, since this is vacation, it’s gotta be good. Really good. So, allow us to introduce you to Excellence Oyster Bay. Usually, we’d say a private beach is the first step to any romantic getaway, but this place takes it to a whole ‘nother level. When you feel like lounging on the beach like a couple of lovebirds, you’ll have a whole private peninsula to pick the perfect spot. This is romantic bliss at its best. And it’s all-new.

Royalton resort Jamaica

Speaking of bliss, it’s not hard to find at Royalton Negril Resort & Spa. Not only can you kick back without a care in the world on a dazzling beach, you can take relaxation into the stratosphere at The Royal Spa. It’s just like recharging your smart phone. Except, you know, the hydrotherapy circuit is highly encouraged. We recommend kicking things off with a couple’s massage.

Your Jamaican adventure.

Let’s pretend for just a split second that Jamaica was half as beautiful, half as stunning, and had half the natural wonder that it does. We think it’d be fair to say that it’d still be one of the most completely mind-blowing paradises in the world. So let’s talk about waterfalls. Though the infamous Blue Hole is a perennial sight to see, the South Coast’s YS Falls are too. Seven sights to see, to be precise. Refresh in one of the cool, spring-fed pools to the calming soundtrack of the cascading water.

Jamaica adventure

If you just can’t sit still (or just want to make sure you have a world-class adventure saved for one of the very sunny days), Ochos Rios and the friendly local guides from Jamaica Tours Limited or Chukka Tours Jamaica have you covered. All you have to decide is what you want to do. Mountain biking or horseback riding? Cliff jumping or catamaran cruising? Quiet kayaks or revved up dune buggies? Whatever thrill you’re seeking, Jamaica’s delivering.

So when you’re ready to go all out, or have it all when you stay in, let us help you plan your once-in-a-lifetime Jamaica vacation.

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