How to Pack Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Would you believe me if I said this one-minute video could save you hours of vacation time? You better believe it!

The last thing you want to do is iron your clothes when you could be at the beach or reading in a shady hammock. With a little pre-planning and my never-fail packing tip, your clothes will stay wrinkle-free and you can just kick back and relax.

Watch the video to find out how:

Pretty easy, right? And just think how great it’ll be when you get to your room at the resort! You can unpack quickly and get right down to the important business of having a fabulous vacation.

Stay tuned for more travel tips like this one! And if you have your own to share, I’d love to see it – leave it in the comments or send it through the contact form.

-Funjet Insider Laura


  1. Darcy Harris

    Ensure your clothes smell fresh and arrive wrinkle-free by packing fabric softener sheets between items. This is especially helpful when traveling to tropical destinations. If your room is a little bit musty, your clothing will not absorb the odors and will smell freshly laundered.

  2. Dr. Monica

    My favorite way to avoid wrinkles and save space is to roll my clothes. I always wear a big beach hat when going to tropical destinations so I put my socks and undies inside the hat. This is a space saver and it help keeps the shape of your hat. Fun travels :)

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