How to Beat Rising Holiday Travel Costs

While the cost of oil is something neither of us have control of, there are actions you can take to still get a great deal on holiday travel. We asked Funjet Insiders for the best tips on how you can get the most bang for your buck and beat those rising holiday travel costs.

  1. Do book early.

    You’ll get the best deal by booking as far in advance as possible because airlines and hotels like to kick new inventory off with a bang. We recommend taking advantage of that. Plus, you’re more likely to get the dates and rooms you want before everything books up.

  2. Do look for holiday-specific travel sales.

    You can still find some great specials for travel in November and December by looking for sales that specifically target these dates. Check ours out here.

  3. Do be flexible with your dates.

    You could save a ton just by changing your departure date. Sometimes moving your travel dates by one or two days can save you hundreds of dollars.

  4. Don’t travel over a specific holiday.

    It’s cheaper to travel during the holidays if you don’t travel over a specific holiday date like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. Instead, travel the week before or after the big holiday. It may be a bit cheaper.

  5. Do take advantage of our Price Match Guarantee.

    We created our own strategy to help you beat high holiday travel costs without sacrificing an awesome vacay.

We’ve saddled you up with holiday travel planning tips. Now, let’s get you galloping to somewhere tropical.

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