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Booking Flights

Frequently asked questions and answers.
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Flights, Bookings, and Returns

What is the difference between Funjet charter/value flights and additional carriers?

Funjet Vacations' charter and value flights offer you the best vacation value with the convenience of nonstop flights from your city to the chosen destination. The flights depart and return on popular vacation days of the week, allowing you to travel on 3, 4, 5, or 7 night vacations in most cases. Please see the Funjet Vacations flight schedule for more information on available cities, dates of departure for charter and carrier information. Additional carriers allow you to shop across over 15 major brands of airlines with daily flight service. The search includes special fares with your complete vacation purchase, saving you money and giving you the most flexibility in your vacation planning.

How do I book an air-only vacation package?

The vacation search tool on the home page allows you to select the type of vacation package you want. This includes an air and hotel package as well as flight-only or hotel-only packages. To search for an air-only package on Funjet's value flights, select the flight-only option in the build your vacation area of the search tool.

Important! Funjet Vacations offers air-only service to select destinations which are only available with Funjet's charter and value flights. These destinations can change on a seasonal basis. Please use our Funjet Vacations flight schedule to find the availability of this service. 

Why did Funjet Vacations return different flight times than what I entered?

When you search for specific departure or return times using the advanced search option, the web site returns flight times based on the following criteria: first it searches for the best priced flights. Then it arranges those best-priced flights in order of the closest time to what you selected in the time preference menus for both departure and return.

Please note that if your preferred time does not appear, it may be that the air carriers do not have flights available that match your specified times.

Booking and Upgrade

Is it possible to upgrade to a first class seat (if available)?

To see if first class options are available on your flight, please contact our customer care team (1-888-558-6654). You may also request seat upgrades at the airport for an additional charge.

How do I book an infant?

According to airline regulations, an "infant" is a child under the age of two. Infants do not require an airline seat and can sit on the lap of an adult traveler while flying ("lap child"). If an infant is traveling with you and you do not purchase a seat for the infant, select the number of children traveling with you and then select IN from the drop-down menu that appears for the children's age.

For some international destinations, additional taxes may apply when you include an infant on the reservation. The airline may also issue a ticket for the infant traveler.

I would like my infant to have his/her own seat, how should I book it?

In the build your vacation search tool, select the number of children traveling with you and then select 1 as the age of the infant from the drop-down menu that appears.