How to Dress to Impress: Vacation Style for Men

All right guys, this one is for you. Let’s imagine that you just decided to surprise your sweetie and book a Funjet vacation to one of your dream destinations. All you can think about is the beach, sand, cocktails and romantic dinners. When it’s time to start packing, it’s easy to remember the sunscreen and swimsuit, but what’s not so easy is what to pack for those evenings out. Did you know that some resort dining establishments have dress code requirements? If you have any doubts, be sure to ask your travel agent or click the “Ask Funjet” link at funjet.com so you’re prepared. Below is a simple guide to help you choose the right getup while on vacation. And trust me, your efforts won’t go unnoticed by your gal either!

Dress Code: Casual
A restaurant that has labeled the dress code as “casual” may lead guests to believe that the door is left wide open. Keep in mind when an establishment mentions casual, this doesn’t mean the dress code is what you like to wear while watching your favorite sports team on TV during a Sunday afternoon. Catch my drift guys? This means no jerseys or gym shorts…leave your sports pride for the stadium and not the snack bar. A casual dress code for dining restaurants means comfortable, yet polished.

Instead, go to your basics, such as a simple polo shirt with a pair of khaki, plaid or bold-color cotton shorts. Pair them with a polo shirt, which is one of this year’s most popular trends and is as versatile as it is preppy. Thanks to the collar, it can serve as the perfect “t-shirt” to wear on nights out and it’s a great casual choice when paired with shorts, jeans, or linen pants.

Images courtesy of www.gap.com

Images courtesy of www.gap.com

Now let’s talk about casual shoes. Those favorite ol’ flip flops you’ve had for years because they’re the most comfortable shoes you own should only be worn when you’re hitting the beach and sinking your toes in the sand.  Leave those “flippy-sloppy” shoes in your room when heading to dinner.

Instead, reach for a boat shoe, loafer or leather sandal. One of my favorite leisure shoes for men are Rivieras. These shoes are perfect for casual evenings out and look great with shorts or pants. The original boat shoe from Sperry is a great option as well.

Great casual shoe options from www.rivieras-shoes.com and www.sperry-topsider.com

Great casual shoe options from www.rivieras-shoes.com and www.sperry-topsider.com

Dress Code: Business Casual/Casual Elegant/Jacket Required
So many titles, too little time to figure it all out, right? Well, these three categories all pretty much blend together. Basically, you just need to step your style up a notch. I know many of you guys cringe at the thought of having to wear a jacket on your tropical vacation, but depending on the place, “Business Casual” and “Casual Elegant” means all you need is a collar and sleeves on your shirt.

A cotton short-sleeve button-down in a bold color is a great option here. Light canvas or cotton pants are the perfect pairing. Colored chinos are so trendy for men this season, so look for fun colors such as salmon, tangerine, mustard, or ocean blue as it’s the perfect time to change it up from the traditional khaki color. Linen shorts or pants are also considered casual elegant and are great options for hot evenings out.

Images courtesy of www.bananarepublic.com and www.macys.com

Images courtesy of www.bananarepublic.com and www.macys.com

Lastly, if the restaurant has a “jacket required” dress code, there are plenty of lightweight cotton sport coats or linen blazers that will keep you looking sharp.

Macy’s, Banana Republic and The Gap have an abundance of shorts, jackets and pants that are appropriate vacation wear.

Let’s just give one last reminder that shoes for dinner shouldn’t consist of your favorite rubber thongs. And for fashion’s sake, please don’t attempt the socks and sandals “look.” Those two words shouldn’t even be spoken together in a sentence, let alone worn on your feet at the same time. Ever.

An example of what NOT to do...ever. Please, guys, just say no!

An example of what NOT to do…ever. Please, guys, just say no to socks with sandals!

So go colorful, go bold, step up your style and dress to impress on your next vacation! Trust me, you’re favorite sports icon will still have the perfect game even though you’re not wearing his number to dinner. And your special lady will love seeing you all spiffed up!

-Funjet Insider Laura

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