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Tour Cuba on a People-to-People Trip

You’ve devoured Cuban food before. You’ve enjoyed the occasional Cuba Libre. You maybe even snuck a Cuban cigar. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.)

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How about you book all that, and a heck of a lot more for your next adventure? Funjet Vacations is proud to offer travelers “people-to-people” trips to the Caribbean’s biggest island for a cultural exchange of the previously “unknown” country. This experience grants Americans the opportunity to interact with the true Cuba, gaining an unprecedented understanding of its people and cultures.

Best of all, you can plan as little or much as you want of your excursion. Funjet has five and seven-day tours you can stick to, or you can design your own itinerary. You are required to observe two hours per day of cultural experiences on a “people-to-people” trip, but those excursions and experiences are up to you. And Funjet Vacations can help you arrange those plans before you leave, or you can set everything up in Cuba.

What we’re saying is — you’ve got options.

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It starts with the resort. There are three main hotel regions of Cuba that serve as the best home-bases for your travels; Havana, Varadero, and Cayo Santa Maria. Each region has several large hotel partners that Funjet has special relationships with.

We highly recommend pre-arranged transfers. No matter where you’re staying, it’s best to set up your transportation to and from the airport/hotel to smooth the process from touchdown. We’re happy to help coordinate those transfers to make a complete package.

Immerse yourself in Cuba. There are literally dozens of excursions to choose between. From scenic (catamaran snorkeling trips) to historic (Spanish-American War fortresses) or artistic (Ernest Hemingway’s favorite haunts), you’ll find your brain whirling from sunup to sunset.

We recommend booking as many outings as you can prior to traveling for a smoother experience (i.e. you can use U.S. credit cards this way). Your comprehensive Cuba adventure is just a few clicks away. Can’t you just taste the Ropa Vieja?

Cuban city

Not sure if you want an established or personalized plan? Take a peek at one of our established itineraries below.

5-Night (Havana Highlights) Itinerary
Day 1
o Enjoy restaurants in El Morro area
o Tour La Cabana and El Morro Castle
o Night out in Havana
o Travel to La Floresta Restaurant in classic 1940’s and 50’s cars
Day 2
o Walking tour of Old Havana
o Lunch at the Benny More Taberna
o Visit to the Rum Museum
Day 3
o Historic tour of Hotel Nacional
o Cuba cocktails mixing class
o Sightseeing at the iconic Havana Malecon
o Lunch at Litoral Restaurant
o Cigar factory tour
Day 4
o Visit to the Hemingway House, followed by the fishing village of Cojimar – the site of Old Man and the Sea
o Lunch at El Ajiaco
o Hemingway’s Havana – visits to Hemingway’s most frequented destinations
Day 5
o Day trip to Vinales, a UNESCO World Heritage destination

7-Night (The Best of Cuba) Itinerary
– Same first 5 days as above, plus…
Day 6
o Transfer to a new hotel for a different experience
o Tour Bacunayagua and Matanza’s
o Lunch at Rio Canimar
Day 7
o Tour of a Cuban Sugar Mill and Guarapo Tasting
o Visit to the Luna Farm
o Family lunch at the farm, featuring locally grown produce
o Panoramic tour of the city of Cardenas

Plan your trip to Cuba with us, we take care of everything.


  1. Sherrie

    What documents besides Cuban insurance is needed for travel ? What is the price for 7 night Itinerary ?

    • Thank you for your comment Sherrie. A tourist card is required to enter and leave Cuba. You can grab it once you get to the airport. If you book your daily tours ahead of time, you will need to print off that information before you leave for the airport. Our prices can vary depending on where you stay. I highly recommend calling 888-558-6654 to get a quote and so all of your questions get answered.

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