Cinco de Mayo Facts

Cinco Facts About Cinco

Cinco de Mayo has become a date we all look forward to, but do we really know why we celebrate with tacos and margaritas on every May 5th? Grab your Pink Señorita and your barbacoa tacos and let’s learn more about this fun-filled holiday.

It’s NOT Mexico’s Independence Day

Let’s start by getting the obvious out of the way: Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico’s Independence Day. Rather, May 5th commemorates a famous battle in the Franco-Mexican war of 1862–the Battle of Puebla. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is more of a remembrance day than a party.

An ad made it popular in America

How did Cinco de Mayo become so popular in the United States, then? Well, it’s simple…. Ads. Mexican-American civil rights activists in the 1960s began claiming the date as a source of pride. Over the years, beer importers saw this as an opportunity to reach Latinos and, in 1989, ran an ad campaign on May 5th to target that audience. The reach eventually broadened and helped Cinco de Mayo gain its party reputation.

You can watch Chihuahuas run

Throughout the country, Chihuahua races are becoming popular during Cinco de Mayo. Washington D.C. holds an annual Running of the Chihuahuas, but the best place to see these precious dogs take off is Chandler, Arizona.

Los Angeles hosts the biggest celebration

Los Angeles has celebrated Cinco de Mayo since 1863, and they continue to have the biggest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the world. Many events take place throughout the city during the day, including a big fair on Broadway.

It’s a big day for avocados

Americans consume up to 81 MILLION avocados every Cinco de Mayo, according to the California Avocado Commission. If you’re looking for a Guinness World Record to break next Cinco, try making the largest serving of guacamole. The record was set in 2013 by a group of students in Mexico.

If learning about Cinco de Mayo has inspired you to visit Mexico, take the time to plan your future travel today!

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