You might have noticed the term, "charter flights" during your vacation planning. What does that really mean? Read on for the full break down.

Everything you need to know about charter flights

There’s something about being on the beach with fellow sun-seekers and aficionados of the good life like yourself. You’re all there for the same reason. To catch some rays. Lounge. And shoot the breeze. You know, vacay like a pro. And on charter flights, you’ll find yourself in the same stress-free company (while saving some cash). But what’s a charter flight? Good question.

What charter flights mean to you.

Charter flights, or in our case, Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flights, are round trip, non-stop flights departing from major cities across the U.S. to popular vacation destinations. Seems standard enough, but here’s the kicker: They’re one of our favorite ways to save you money. We purchase the seats in bulk, and you receive the savings (charter seats tend to be $50-$75 cheaper than regular scheduled air). Are you a dedicated Southwest Airlines flyer? No problemo. Your local Funjet travel agent can get you on a Southwest charter flight in no time.

How to find charter flights on

You can either use our Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flights search tool, or find a flight after you’ve made your initial search in the booking engine. Just look for the “Non-Stop”, “1 Stop”, and “2+ Stops” rows in the chart under the “Flights” tab and be sure to choose a flight from the “Non-Stop” row.

If you’re familiar with our Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight offerings, you’ll notice we added Detroit, Lansing, Indianapolis, Columbus (OH), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh (PA), and Rockford to our origin city options. Click here for more details.

Flexible flights. Consistent quality.

We service various routes within a week, which is a fancy way of saying you have more flight options so you can stay in paradise as long as you’d like. And since we have a contract with the airline for the charter seats, you can always count on quality service.

Bottom line: Charter flights are awesome and more affordable. Not to mention you can ditch that less-than-preferable layover where your luggage would probably get lost and the pizza would be cold. Just saying.

 Find your Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight here.

You might have noticed the term, "charter" during your vacation planning. What does that really mean? Read on for the full break down.


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    If the client has a resort booked already can they book a charter flight?

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