Must-See Caribbean Island Gems

The Caribbean is home to thrilling islands filled with gorgeous beaches, awe-inspiring dive sites, historical landmarks, and so much more. But with so many different options to choose from, you may be having a hard time deciding what you’d like to do on your next getaway. Take a look at some of our must-see Caribbean island gems and create the perfect bucket list for your next beach vacation! 

Sip Rum in Barbados

Rum is the unofficial drink of Barbados, and while most people believe Malibu rum originated from California, it was really born in this gorgeous Caribbean destination. If you’re a history buff or a rum enthusiast (bonus points if you’re both), you’ll love taking a tour of Mount Gay – the oldest rum distillery in the world. Indulge in a Mai Tai or two or pretend you’re a pirate searching for hidden treasure and swig straight from the bottle. We won’t judge.  

Experience the Crystal Caves in Bermuda

As with most things, we can’t say it better than Mark Twain did: “You go to heaven if you want. I’d rather stay here in Bermuda”. Twain was spot-on.  

There are a number of natural wonders in Bermuda, and the Crystal Caves are no exception. Like the name suggests, the water in these caves is so clear, you can see straight to the bottom. And while you may think it’s only a few feet to the bottom, you’ll be surprised to know it’s a long 50 feet until you touch down! But the beauty of these caves isn’t just in its water. If you look up, you’ll see scores of stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Truly remarkable!  

Explore History and Culture in Curaçao

Whether you’re touring the colorful and historic buildings of Willemstad, crossing the Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge, or exploring over 60 amazing dive sites, Curaçao seriously has something for everyone to enjoy. While these are all must-see locations, you simply must visit the Hato Caves during your stay. At over 300, 000 years old, these massive caves are filled with impressive limestone formations that often resemble other creatures. Take a tour of the caves and see how many formations resemble your favorite animals!

Go Diving in Grand Cayman

Just off the coast of Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach lies the Kittiwake Shipwreck and Artificial Reef, a sunken U.S. Navy submarine that is host to countless diving enthusiasts. Strap on your gear and travel just 60 feet down to see the submarine and an abundance of sea creatures like eels and barracuda. Prefer to snorkel? You can also catch a glimpse of the submarine from the surface, since the water is oh so clear and inviting.  

Ride the Sugar Train in St. Kitts

A favorite from St. Kitts’ growing roster of attractions is the St. Kitts Scenic Railway, better known as the “Sugar Train”. The railway uses the same tracks that were originally built in 1912 to carry sugar cane from the various plantations dotting the island to the Sugar Factory in Basseterre. Today, the train whisks passengers on an unrivaled scenic tour of the island aboard deluxe double-decker cars. The tour circles the island’s coastline and offers a unique perspective of the island’s culture, people, views, and history. Sip a beverage and enjoy the ride. 

Discover Old San Juan in Puerto Rico

One of our favorite things about Puerto Rico – first and foremost – is that you never need a passport to get there. One of our other favorites? Exploring Old San Juan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with historical buildings and famed landmarks. Walk down the city’s cobblestone streets and enjoy its one-of-a-kind shops and outstanding restaurants. Guided tours will take you to famed landmarks throughout the area, or you can opt to discover the city on your own. Whichever you choose, it’s an experience that can’t be missed! 

Watch Planes Land in St. Maarten

Travel to St. Maarten, the Dutch side of the island, and spend the afternoon on Maho Beach. This isn’t any ordinary beach, though. Yes, you get to lounge on warm sand. You also get those cool ocean waves we all love so much. But, you have the added bonus of watching planes come in for a close landing at nearby Princess Juliana National Airport – at less than 100 feet above you! Make sure you have your camera ready. Your friends and family back home will not believe their eyes once you show them the footage. It’s that amazing.    

We hope these amazing must-see Caribbean gems have you planning the vacation of your dreams. Pack your bags and start checking items off that much-anticipated bucket list!   

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