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Cancun Expedition Guide: Down & Dirty Edition

There’s no doubt about it. Cancun has some of the most breathtaking and relaxing beaches in the world. But don’t let that fool you. There’s a whole other side of this pristine paradise that’s full of rugged adventures and pure adrenaline. So if you’re ready to explore a heart-pounding excursion for yourself, we have more than a few suggestions.

cancun ziplining

Jungle Maya Expedition
This expedition has just about everything. And when we say everything, we mean exciting thrills via land, water and sky. Basically a complete overview of all things Cancun.

Beginning on solid ground, you’ll start by exploring the geographical feature called cenotes. And if this doesn’t sound all that exciting to you, you’ve obviously never seen one. These natural wonders are created from collapsed Earth that expose groundwater, and are pretty much a must-see in Cancun.

mexican lagoon

If you want to get out and see the jungle, the next step on the journey is the Mayan village of Rancho San Felipe. You’ll have the chance to not only see a beautiful village, but to tour through the nearby jungle on a 4×4 Mercedes Benz Unimog. Each a unique thrill in its own right.

As promised, this expedition includes a water adventure as part of the fun. And when you snorkel along the world’s longest underground river system into Nohoch Nah Cave, you’ll quickly see why this couldn’t possibly be left off the itinerary.

But we’re not done yet. When you zip-line among the jungle foliage, you’ll finally know what it feels like to fly. In fact, after you experience this heart-pounding trip, you might never look at solid ground the same way again.

exhilarating ATV excursions

ATV Tour at Maroma Paradise
If you hear the jungle calling your name, it’s pretty easy to answer. All it takes to explore even deeper into Cancun’s gorgeous foliage is an ATV rental with our friends at Lomas Travel. They’ll show you all the most popular sights of the area, and even a few surprises. Then once you’ve had your fill of all the excitement, there are plenty of refreshing drinks to wash it down with at the end of the trip. That makes for the perfect end to the perfect day.

cancun horseback riding

Horseback Riding at Maroma Beach
Did you enjoy pony rides as a kid? Then we’ll do you one better. Horseback riding through the jungle. And don’t worry, even if this is your first time horseback riding, it’s not the horse’s first time. Every one is very well trained. So after the guide saddles you up and shows you all the safety tips you need to know, you can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

After starting your trip at Maroma Beach, you’ll slowly saunter through the jungle. And perhaps the most surprising part of the entire journey is just how therapeutic it can be. All you’ll hear are the hoofs on the ground and natural sounds around you. But even better than that, you’ll make a four-legged friend you can really bond with.

camel beach safari

Camel Safari Excursion
If you’ve never ridden a camel before, you have to give it a try. Because come on, how many people can say they’ve ridden a camel through the jungle? So if you’re looking for a great story to tell (and a few great pictures to share), this is just the way to do it.

The wild side of Cancun. It’s all pretty exciting to imagine, it’s even more thrilling to live it for yourself.

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