Top 3 Tips for Surviving Black Friday Mania

Top 3 Tips for Surviving Black Friday Mania

Dun dun…dun dun…do you hear that? Black Friday is coming. If the inevitable insanity is giving you anxiety, just take some deep breaths. We have some advice for weathering the oncoming storm.

1. Don’t cave into the Thanksgiving night shopping.

Stores are opening earlier and earlier, and these days it feels like there’s barely time for pie before it’s time to go get in line for the deals. No more! We happen to know that a lot of stores offer excellent online deals as well. Hint: Funjet is one of them! So you don’t have to sacrifice your family time to get a jump on your holiday shopping. Collect memories, not things this holiday season and give the gift of travel.

2. Make a game plan.

A little advance planning can mean less mania on Black Friday. Funjet, like many stores, offers sneak previews of their Black Friday deals, so you can do all of your research in advance and be ready to buy quickly…and get back to that food coma.

Pro tip: Funjet offers email alerts, so you can get an email notification when the deals are available on Black Friday. See how easy life can be?

3. Practice deep breathing.

If you do venture out into the world for Black Friday, just remain calm and remember – that blender is not worth your dignity. Also, smile at the other shoppers around you; a little good-will can go a long way!

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Updated 11/09/17


  1. Anxiously awaiting some great deals!

  2. booked my vacation last year on black friday waiting to see this years deals!!! :)

  3. Sue Skiba

    waiting to find some sunny deals

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