What do you do when it’s time to start planning your vacation? Do a little research. Find some professional photos of the location. Maybe read a few reviews online or ask a friend where to stay.

But what if you had access to all the secrets and tidbits kept under wraps that only someone on the inside could share? What if you had access to the “inside man?”

You do.

The Funjet Insider is written by travel experts who have fully indulged in all that Funjet Vacations has to offer. Experience all-inclusive luxuries alongside the Insider. Hear from the chefs and how they’ve been inspired to create five-star gourmet dishes. Get the scoop on the sunniest spot on the beach or the best place for a romantic proposal.

With the Funjet Insider, you can easily explore amazing destinations and uncover the best tips and tricks for your perfect getaway. Fueled by a passion for travel, Funjet Insiders deliver the lowdown on the best ways to experience the most incredible vacations.

When you Funjet, traveling isn’t a mystery – it’s an adventure. So get ready to go behind the scenes and Do Something You’ll Never Forget.

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