8 Tips for International Travel

Traveling to a new country is both fun and exciting, but it’s important to be prepared when traveling internationally. Whether it’s your first time leaving the country or you’re a seasoned international traveler, here’s a list of 8 tips you should always do before traveling out of the country.

Make Copies of Your Passport

When booking an international vacation, you should always double-check to make sure your passport is valid. If your passport does not have at least six months of validity remaining, you must apply to renew your passport. However, be sure to plan accordingly as the U.S. Department of State is still experiencing mail delays impacting passport application processing.

You should also always make copies of your passport’s photo page and other important travel documents in case of an emergency. Take a photocopy with you and leave one at home as well, that way in case your documents are stolen, someone can access them as a backup.

Understand the Exchange Rate

Before you travel to your destination, look up the monetary conversion so you’re not met with any unwanted surprises or confusion. If you plan on bringing your credit card, check with your bank to make sure you credit card will work in the country you’re visiting. Going online or calling your bank will also prevent them from turning off your card as a safety measure.

If you are planning on using your credit card abroad, we encourage you to complete the transaction in the local currency rather than U.S. dollars. This will save you from ridiculous conversion fees!

Check Your Charger

Another important thing to remember is a plug converter. Check what kind of outlets are used in your destination and buy the appropriate converter if necessary. We recommend bringing a small power strip to plug in multiple chargers at once! Portable phone chargers are also a great choice if you’ll be out exploring for the day.

Download Messaging Apps

If you want to save money on add-on international plans, download mobile messaging apps that make communicating with your friends and family simple. All you need is access to Wi-Fi and you’re good to go!

Research Things To Do

Be smart and safe and plan ahead. When visiting another country, it’s important to research trusted tour companies and avoid companies looking to scam tourists. Plus, buying tickets in advance is not only cost-effective, but will save you time once you’re at your destination!

Know How to Get Around

Speaking of being safe, it’s important to know the best ways to get around in your destination as well as places to avoid. Book transfers to and from the airport ahead of time to avoid high fares and fees. If you plan on doing lots of exploring by foot, research safe areas and neighborhoods that are pedestrian-friendly.

Don’t Bring Anything Too Valuable

Other than the necessary electronics, avoid packing anything too valuable. Flashy jewelry or designer bags could attract the attention of thieves and pickpockets who are experts at targeting tourists. If you decide to travel with some valuables, always pack them in your carry-on or keep them locked in a safe back in your room.

Try Your Best to Learn the Language

Learning how to say simple phrases in the local language of your destination can go a long way. Most locals appreciate the effort of learning a little of their language, and you can always download translation apps if you’re having trouble reading a stress sign or menu.

By following these easy travel tips, you’ll be prepared to conquer any destination on the map. Choose your next adventure and start planning your international getaway!

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