How to Find Your Transfers at the Cancun Airport

So you’ve arrived in Cancun! You make it through Customs and Immigration, step out through the doors…and find yourself in a rather confusing mass of people. Where do you go to find your transfers to your resort?

Just keep walking.

You have a short walk through the hallway filled with people all trying to talk to you. Just keep going – you’re nearly there! When you see the Lomas representatives in their teal-green shirts and white pants, you’re home free. They’ll have a Funjet Vacations sign so you can be 100% sure they’re waiting to whisk you off to the resort, the beach and your favorite tropical drink.

-Funjet Insider Laura

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  1. Hi. I was wondering if we will receive our transfer vouchers before our trip thought email or mail?

    • Funjet Insider

      Diana, your transfers information should be included in your e-travel documents. If you have not received them, please use the contact form to send us your reservation number and we can look into it for you!

  2. Is there a size on our luggage?

    • Funjet Insider

      Janice, luggage sizes will depend on the airline restrictions. If you like, we can have someone reach out to you directly!

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