How to Beat Rising Holiday Travel Costs

If you saw this article from USA Today, then you know that holiday-season airfares are about to get a lot more expensive, very soon. Last year, average airfares increased up to 51% from mid-October and through the holidays. And according to Bijan Vasigh, professor of economics and finance at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, “Airlines are able to increase their prices by 30%, 40%, 50%, sometimes double the price” during the holiday season.

Yikes! So are those of us looking for a holiday vacation out of luck already, even though we’re still months away from the holidays?

Of course not. I’ve got the inside tips from Funjet on how you can get the most bang for your buck and beat those rising holiday travel costs.

  1. Do book early. The sooner, the better. You’ll get the best deal by booking as far in advance as possible. Plus, you’re more likely to get the dates and rooms you want before everything books up.
  2. Do look for holiday-specific travel sales. You can still find some great specials for travel in November and December by looking for sales that specifically target these dates.
  3. Don’t wait for last-minute deals. Sadly, they probably won’t exist. In fact, USA Today found that airfares kept on rising all the way until the day of departure last year.
  4. Do be flexible with your dates. You could save a ton just by changing your departure date. Sometimes moving your travel dates by one or two days can save you hundreds of dollars.
  5. Don’t get frazzled. The Funjet Insider is here to help.
  6. Do head over to Over the next few weeks, Funjet Vacations will be featuring special offers for holiday getaways to help you beat those rising travel costs.

Do you have questions your own tips about getting a great deal for your holiday vacation? You can always reach The Funjet Insider by using the blog contact form.

-Funjet Insider Laura

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